The St Luke's Student

St Luke's Catholic College inspires students to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning journey.

Success in the 21st century requires design thinkers, innovators, change agents and entrepreneurs – people who are able, and empowered – to adapt in a quickly changing world. For this reason, while content knowledge is important at St Luke's, we also place value on building a student’s capacity to ‘learn how to learn’.

St Luke's develops student intelligence through knowledge, experience, creativity, and their thinking in ways that keep curiosity and imagination alert, keeping their innate love of learning burning bright.

St Luke's students are confident in their ability to have freedom of thought and expression. We encourage boldness, a ‘can-do’ attitude and celebrate diversity.

For this reason, our aspirations for the St Luke's Learning Journey is for our students to achieve being able to:

  • Use creative, innovative and critical thinking to make a difference
  • Use their passions, talents and skill to create a future that excites them and contributes positively to our world
  • See the adventure, opportunity, connections and infinite possibilities in life
  • Act with respect towards themselves, others and our world
  • Create their own financial independence in win/win ways
  • Turn dreams and ideas into reality
  • Accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude
  • Create a happy and healthy life balance
  • Communicate with maturity, openness and integrity
  • Embrace fun, and live with curiosity.



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For all enquiries concerning St Luke's Catholic College call us on 02 9854 3100 or use the contact form below.

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  • For all enquiries concerning St Luke's Catholic College call us on 02 9854 3100 or use the contact form below.

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