Our Staff

At St Luke's Catholic College, our staff work to foster new ways of teaching and learning

As a Catholic ‘next generation learning community', St Luke's is founded on the collected wisdom and experience of our exceptional educators.

Our teachers are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day. They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

The St Luke’s educator:

  • listens to and appreciates each student as an individual
  • guides the development of social-emotional skills through class activities, individual goal setting, and 1:1 coaching
  • plans and assess a well-rounded education using academic milestones
  • creates hands-on learning experiences through projects and community experiences
  • partners with parents to best support their children
  • uses technology to enhance in-person learning, not replace it

Our educators are empowered through:

  • technology and a support team that enables them to spend more time with each student and less time on clerical tasks
  • flexibility to create meaningful experiences for their students
  • mentors and educational leaders who draw on the latest research in learning to guide professional development
  • a rich and varied network from which to draw experiences and share best practices
  • 1:1 partnerships with business and the community to develop educational tools

Ashu Aggarwal Instructional Leader (Stage 3 & 4)
Emma Amalfi Teacher Assistant
Julie Atkins Campus Director: Mission
Kerrie Ballhause CELC Certificate III Educator
Kelly Bauer Assistant Principal - Head of Leadership
Therese Bear Teacher - Stage 3
Mark Bennett Instructional Leader (ES1, Stage 1 & 2)
Kyra Boersma Activities Club Assistant
Alexandra Bonnici Activities Club Teacher
Joseph Borg Teacher Stage 4 & 5
Kelly Bowden Teacher - Stage 1
Vicki Bowden Office Manager
Jessica Briton Activities Club Assistant
Kaylee Burns CELC Certificate III Educator
Kylie Burns Immersive Technologies Leader (K-12)
Vanessa Calleja Teacher - Stage 1
Josephine Camilleri Pedagogy Coach (Stage 4, 5 & 6)
Sophie Calvert Teacher - Early Stage 1
Molly May Cann Teacher - Stage 2
Katherine Caruana CELC Certificate III Educator
Anne Clark Campus Leader - Enterprise and Partnerships
Natalie Colburt  Instructional Leader (ES1, Stage 1 & 2)
Meike Corbin Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Carmel Cuneen Teacher - Stage 3
Emily Dal Cin Activities Club Assistant
Delcie DMello Teacher - Stage 3
Marissa Desira CELC Early Childhood Teacher
Jessica DeVita Teacher - Stage 1
Jackie Dickson Teacher Assistant
Kevin Donovan Grounds Maintenance
Helena Fernandes Diversity Coordinator (ES1, Stage 1 & 2)
Sonali Fernandez Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Esther Fong  Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Carmen Ford Teacher - Stage 2
Ryan Gabb ICT Trainee
Ritu Gahi Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Amanda Gannon Activities Club Teacher and Stage 1
Stephanie Ghislain Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Corena Greening Teacher Assistant
Natalie Hanna Teacher - Stage 2
Malcolm Hegarty
Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Lisa Hoban Teacher - Stage 1
Tessie James Inquiry Leader - Religious Education (Stage 4 & 5)
Emily Johnson  Teacher Assistant
Sally Johnson Pedagogy Coach (Stage 4 & 5)
Leila Jorge Counsellor
Ramandip Kaur CELC Certificate III Educator
Grayce Keen Activities Club Assistant
Catherine Kennedy Teacher Assistant
Jackie Koelmeyer Teacher - Stage 2
Christopher Komorowski RFF Teacher (Music)
Bernadine Krohn
Front Office Administration
Jennifer Lapidario Teacher - Early Stage 1
Margaret Mantle Teacher Assistant
Jamie Matson Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Nancy McGavin Diversity Leader
Hannah McKay Teacher - Stage 2
Snehal Mesuria Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Greg Miller Principal Leader
Courtney Nelson Stage 1 Teacher (currently on leave)
Joe Ng RFF Teacher (PDHPE)
Zac Nordstrand ICT Trainee
Kerrilyn O'Brien Instructional Leader (ES1, Stage 1 & 2)
Michelle O'Leary Assistant Principal - Head of Foundations
Catherine O'Connor General Administrator
Gina Pamintuan Teacher -Early Stage 1
Samantha Paz Activities Club Coordinator & Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Jen Pearson Teacher - Stage 3
Elisa Pettenon Activities Club Coordinator/Stage 4 Teacher (Currently on Leave)
Julie Preston Instructional Leader(Stage 3 & 4)
Estevao Pessotta Makerspace Assistant
Kathryn Rogers Counsellor
Phil Rooke Music Leader - Multi Campus
Isabelle Ruiz Davila Teacher - Stage 3
Jessica Rumble Front Office Administrator
Angela Ryall Teacher - Stage 2
Mary Scicluna  CELC Diploma Educator
Cara Schepel Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Claudeen Saguid Activities Club Assistant
Katrina Sherlock Teacher - Stage 3
Michelle Siegenthaler Finance Administration Support
Benita Sneesby Resource Manager
Christina Soliman Teacher - Stage 1
Alyssa-Jade Spurtacz Teacher - Stage 2
Elena Stivactas Teacher - Stage 1
Meg Stone Inquiry Leader - Religious Education (ES1, Stage 1 & 2)
Stephanie Campanale Partnerships and Pathways Coach
Alisha Sukkar Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Joanne Swindail Library Assistant
Emma Tagg Teacher RFF
Jo Tapley Director - Catholic Early Learning Centre
Maria Tripolone Leader - Wellbeing (5 - 12) Diversity (9 - 12)
Jodi Turner CELC Office Administrator 
Bianca Van Der Burg Teacher - Early Stage 1
Suzana Vrataric Activities Club Assistant
Tereza Mihovilcevic  Personal Assistant to the Principal
Rupali Verma CELC Diploma Educator
Chloe Viney Life Design
Jenni Walsh Teacher Assistant
Jayda Watson Activities Club Assistant
Donna Watts Grounds Maintenance
Peta Weber Instructional Leader (Stage 3 & 4)
Ferdinard Wittmann Teacher - Stage 4 & 5
Joshua Zrim IT Officer